Portion Control and Food Service Profitability with Miami Beef®


In the restaurant industry, there are many factors that contribute to the success of a business.  From location to the dining environment and ambiance provided to patrons, to menu variety and of course, delicious and innovative meal options.   But one of the most important factors that influence profitability and success, regards a balance of portion sizes to optimize preparation time, while satisfying the needs and expectations of customers.

At Miami Beef®, we specialize in providing quality meat that is strictly portion controlled to our customers specifications.  We know how important it is for restaurants to balance cooking time and preparation with a satisfying portion for their customers.  Learn why portion control is an essential element of profitability, and how choosing Miami Beef® as a food service supplier can help.

Preparation Time and Consistency

Restaurants enjoy repeat customers, when they have an exciting and fulfilling menu to offer.  But customers also expect consistency in their favorite menu options.  Imagine their reaction if the steak they ordered last week, arrives to their table cooked in a different flavor profile, or smaller than what they are accustomed to?  Customers may complain, but some make a quiet decision to eat elsewhere; and that is bad for your business.

As a wholesale customer of Miami Beef, your business can optimize both aspects of profitability with regards to portion control.

  • Customize hand-cut chops and steaks to your specification and provide them in vacuum sealed individual packages that lock-in freshness.
  • Provide low-sodium and lower fat custom cuts for health focused menus.
  • We use state-of-the-art processing technology to ensure that every portion is to specifications outlined by our customers.

The key element in successful restaurant and dining businesses, is to provide the same outstanding flavor and portion size, every time.  Fast food chains have mastered this approach, and gain the profitability benefits that come with scientifically, precision-controlled flavoring and portion sizes.  When operating a scratch kitchen however, it can be a little more challenging, which is why using a wholesale supplier that can insure portion control is an important competitive advantage.

Food for Thought: Consumer Preferences Are Changing

One of the most important shifts that restaurants have witnessed in the last ten years, has been a change in portion expectations from customers.  It wasn’t long ago, that ‘bigger’ meant ‘better’ and while this still works in some niche food service sectors, overall, Americans are more aware of the appropriate meal size and calorie content, for good health.

This presents a bilateral opportunity for the food service sector.  First, portion sizes that are reduced but focused on higher quality ingredients and options, are increasingly more popular for consumers who want to eat healthier.  The second advantage regards economy of scale and food preparation time; not only can you reduce portion sizes, but with less time from kitchen to plate, which makes food service more efficient.

Remember, the faster you can prepare quality appetizers and entrees, the more customer turnover you can achieve in your restaurant.

Some restaurants are innovating a balanced new menu, that offers both larger portion sizes and reduced options. When portion sizes are too large, restaurants may find that customers are splitting their plate, which reduces profitability. Consider offering a lite menu alternative with smaller portions, to appeal to consumers who may be following a calorie restricted diet.

Learn more about our safety protocols, traceability and methods of ensuring premium quality meats for the food service industry.   We invite you to contact our sales team, to talk about your needs and how Miami Beef can be a valued partner in food service profitability for your business.