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Create an Uncommon Turkey Burger with 6 Tasty Suggestions


Decades ago, the only kind of turkey that a consumer would see in a grocery store, was one for roasting around major holidays.  But in the past fifteen years, we’ve watched turkey become a regular stocking item in the fresh meat section, as consumers consider the white meat to be a nutritious and delicious source of protein. And the turkey burger has become a popular meal choice.

Today, turkey meat is readily accessible in grocery stores and it is starting to earn a more prominent place on restaurant menus as well.  In this article, we’ll share a few creative ways you can create some delicious and healthy entrée ideas for your customers.

Why Should You Add a Turkey Burger Or Two to Your Restaurant Menu?

Did you know that turkey is an underappreciated superfood?   Servings of turkey are a rich source of amino acids, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, and protein while being very low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Individuals on a restricted diet for cholesterol need healthy alternatives to beef and pork, and turkey is one of those healthy options.  Turkey meat is also high in niacin, which helps lower bad LDL cholesterol while raising healthy cholesterol (HDL).

While many people know about the impact of tryptophan (the natural hormone present in turkey meat) because it puts you to sleep and makes you feel groggy after you eat, few people know that tryptophan actually helps regulate healthy sleep patterns.  Regular consumption of quality turkey meat can help your body regulate circadian rhythms and reduce insomnia naturally.

Best Methods for Preparing Restaurant Style Turkey Burgers

Miami Beef® provides quality turkey burgers in a variety of grades, from economical to cage-free, vegetarian-fed (hormone and antibiotic-free) turkey.  One of the most important things to consider when sourcing quality turkey meat or burgers, is the agricultural methods used to produce the turkey.

Animal by-products while monitored for safety and commonly used in agricultural dry feed, can pose some health risks to humans, when diseases are passed on to animals through by-product feeds.  The safest turkey meat is raised without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics, and a cage-free production method is more humane for the livestock while producing a premium grade meat.

Turkey burgers can be panned seared in a cast-iron skillet and cooked approximately 10 minutes or until an interior meat temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is reached.  We recommend skillet grilling turkey patties to allow the meat to retain the natural juices.

Healthy Patty? Healthy Toppings!  What Customers Expect on Top of a Juicy Turkey Burger

When you add some turkey burgers with delicious healthy toppings to your menu, you are creating meal choices that your customers will feel good about.  When it comes to creating exceptional turkey burger menu items, don’t negate the health benefits of turkey by piling it high with unhealthy toppings.

You can get a little creative when it comes to turkey burger toppings.  There are so many options that pair with a quality turkey patty, and you can combine delicious toppings to create unique themes like a Hawaiian turkey burger (with grilled pineapple and ham), or an Italian style turkey burger, with red marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, and some fresh basil (Caprese style!).

Grilled vegetables are also a great choice as a topping combination for turkey burgers. Grilled sweet potato is an economical and delicious topping idea.  Grilled peppers like poblano add some rich flavors, and smoked gouda, pepper jack, crumbled bleu cheese, and camembert cheese are all good choices for a freshly grilled turkey burger.  And a hot hollandaise sauce is pretty amazing too.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a large pallet of toppings for your customers.  Develop your own house-made turkey burger with all the fixings, and source your quality turkey patties (premium cage-free, hormone, and antibiotic-free) from Miami Beef®.