Add Heart Protein Rich Breakfast Skillets to Your Menu


Any restaurant can serve the standard breakfast entrees, that include the traditional bacon, sausage links, eggs and a side of hashed brown potatoes.  But creating interesting menu items that cater to bigger appetites for breakfast, means innovating something that has a novel presentation, is filling and satisfying for your customers.

Breakfast skillets are not new to the food service industry, but there are many variations that you can explore to create two or three different options that can become leading profit centers from your breakfast crowd.

At Miami Beef®, we have been a trusted meat processor and wholesale supplier for almost 100 years in the United States. Part of our service to our wholesale customers, is to help restaurants create new and exciting protein rich products they can add to their menu.

We’ve searched for some delicious and creative takes on the traditional breakfast skillet that we think you’ll enjoy.  Let’s take a tour of what’s possible, when you create an exciting new breakfast menu option that sizzles and satisfies!

Choosing the Right Kind of Cookware for Preparation and Presentation

The first place we’ll start is taking a look at the kind of skillets that are practical, durable and the right size for breakfast service portions.  There are three standard sizes you can choose for your entrée determined by commercial skillet sizes:

  • 5 ½ inch round
  • 6 ½ inch round
  • 12 ½ inch oval

The smaller round sizes of pre-seasoned iron skillets are suitable if you plan to serve the skillet along with other side dishes as part of your breakfast entrée.  For instance, if you want to serve seasoned scrambled eggs and hash browns in a skillet, with a side order of bacon and sauce.  In that case, you will definitely want to choose the smaller round skillet size to balance your entrée and manage table space.

However, for ‘trucker style’ large breakfasts, you can also offer the 12” oval supersized skillet.  This kind of size would be idea for an all-inclusive breakfast skillet, that contains the protein elements like bacon, sausage, egg, potato, cheese and assorted condiments.  With a skillet this size, the only accompaniment would be a side-order of toast and a great cup of coffee.

When you are shopping for the right commercial grade skillets to use in your restaurant, avoid true cast-iron skillets.  The maintenance and moisture vulnerability of authentic cast-iron skillets is far too arduous in terms of upkeep, for a busy kitchen.

Instead, search for the pre-seasoned iron skillets made specifically for food service kitchens. They are less heavy (which your staff will thank you for), but still offer the same aesthetic charm and function.  They can be placed into the oven for finishing while the order is being completed in the kitchen) and the pre-seasoned surface reduces oxidation and makes cleaning must easier.

Breakfast Skillet Safety Accessories

Don’t forget that for every skillet your order, you will need to source a matching wood under liner.  Oval wood liners are a little easier to find than the smaller round ones, because they are the standard for the sizzling tableside fajita service.

For the safety of your customers, you also want to make sure you have one thermal skillet handle cover (cloth) to protect both the server and diner, as they move the skillet from the kitchen to the table.  Look for thermally lined skillet handle covers (similar to oven mitts) to provide the best protection against burn injuries.

Creating Exciting Protein Rich Breakfast Skillets

One of the great appeals of the breakfast skillet (from the perspective of your customer) is that they can ‘dig in’ to a hearty serving of all their favorite breakfast proteins, in one savory dish.  You’ll see the reaction in the face of any diner who orders a breakfast skillet; the challenge of finishing the skillet is exciting to your customer.

But as consumers are more nutrition conscious today than ever before, it’s important to offer a variety of different skillets with at least one that provides a straight protein (or keto / paleo) friendly alternative.   Create at least one that has no or extremely low carbohydrates to make sure you are capitalizing on the protein only preference.

Here are some great ideas for delicious breakfast skillets we found on the web.

  1. Low Carb Breakfast Skillet with Cauliflower

With six slices of bacon and four eggs, this skillet recipe is definitely ‘man sized’ or made for two to share.  It uses low carbohydrate cauliflower to create the taste and texture of fried potatoes; a switch that agrees with people who are on paleo or keto diets.  Some sweet red pepper, chives and the rich flavor of cheddar makes this a healthy and protein rich idea for your menu.

Get the recipe and preparation instructions from and watch the video here.

  1. Beefy Breakfast Skillet

Not every order of breakfast has to come with bacon.  In fact, many people are trying to limit the amount of bacon they eat on a weekly basis, because of concerns regarding nitrates and nitrites.  Using ground beef to enhance the meaty flavors of your breakfast skillet is a great idea instead!

What we loved about this recipe is that it has a bunch of fresh flavors that waken the senses, while providing that big protein fix that many people want first thing in the morning.  Especially when they are dining out.  Ground beef and potatoes are browned with onions, and then garnished with shredded cheddar and fresh parsley.

Instead of scrambling the egg into the breakfast skillet (which is common practice) this recipe calls for two large fried eggs as a garnish on top.  Imagine how delicious this skillet tastes when you break the eggs and the hot yolk washes over the delicious ground beef and potato!

Get the recipe from the food bloggers at A Worthey Life.

The breakfast crowd at your restaurant on weekends is more than a quick meal; it’s part of the culture of spending the weekend with family and friends to slow down and savor experiences.   Boost your breakfast revenues by innovating some new delicious high-protein skillets for your customers, and ask us about quality ground beef, turkey, veal and other options to help you create an extraordinary dish.